Tembici is a Bike Sharing that operates in Brazil, and also in some countries of Latin America. Its big partner is Itaú Bank, which is in charge of providing the app’s name.


Product Designer


I helped build several features for the Bike Itaú app





Between 2019 and 2021, I worked as a Product Designer at Tembici, collaborating with different teams (squads) on various projects:

• In the Activation Squad, I led user authentication.

• In the Engagement Squad, I developed features to increase bike usage among users.

• In the Latam Squad, I enhanced the application experience in Latin American countries such as Chile and Argentina.

My daily responsibilities included coordinating with stakeholders, organizing user interviews, facilitating internal and external co-creation dynamics, conducting usability tests, and closely collaborating with the engineering team for feature launches.

+200k active users

+200k active users

+14k bikes

+14k bikes

+1.5M of monthly trips

+1.5M of monthly trips

+7k tons of CO2 saved per year

+7k tons of CO2 saved per year

people ride bike in the park

Feature 1

Co2 information

I developed the feature to display data on CO2 emissions on the trip-sharing screen. The goal was to inform users about the amount of CO2 emissions they were saving, encouraging the use of bicycles over cars or other modes of transportation.

Feature 2

Trip sharing

We have introduced the trip-sharing feature directly on the screen of the completed trips history, in response to various customer requests expressing dissatisfaction with the inability to access crucial details after the conclusion of their journeys.

Now, we have added enhancements, including information about calories expended, trip cost, and the ability to share the experience with friends or family.

Feature 3

Eletric Bikes

With the introduction of electric bikes in Brazil, my challenge was to identify the best way to indicate available stations with electric bikes on the app map, as some stations might have electric bikes while others wouldn't.

At the same time, this implementation couldn't be too complex to allow enough time for the engineering team to implement it. I thought about marking stations with electric bikes by placing a power icon on the map markers at all stations that had at least one electric bike available.

Feature 4

+50 components

I helped create and organize the first components from the atomic level to the organismal level to build the Bike Itaú app screens.

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